Professional writing services ranging from food, wine, travel and architecture articles to corporate writing projects

Powerful writing electrifies the senses. It evokes sun-splashed Mediterranean beaches, replays sultry jazz saxophone solos, makedsc_0633.jpgs your mouth water at the mere mention of lemon meringue pie. It fills the lungs with the freshly invigorating scent of salt air, it embraces you with the enveloping warmth of a crackling fire on a snowy afternoon.

The written word inspires action. It can be the genesis of a life-altering decision or the gentle push to bring a more mundane task to fruition. Persuasive writing changes policy, moves the masses. It sells objects, ideas and experiences.

Lean, clean writing expands horizons. In a few hundred words or less, distant lands are explored, new techniques discovered, original viewpoints absorbed.

For the past 20 years, I have helped businesses and individuals make an impact with clear, concise and compelling writing. In recent years, I have delivered professional caliber content to editors, on time and on target. Each article, advertisement, annual report, brochure and website encapsulates creativity and clarity, whether the subject is healthcare, travel, fine foods or technology. No topic is too esoteric or complex; I can present ideas in a way that engages, informs and motivates.

Browse my portfolio to read pieces that have generated results for past and current clients and have made many an editor a happy soul. If you’re looking for a distraction, my blog will take you places you may never have been, or at least help you see old favorites in a different light.

Get in touch and let me know what you’d like to accomplish through your written communications. I look forward to working with you.