Feature Articles

Paging Dr. Pinot  (feature story on Latina Magazine’s food and wine website, TheLatinKitchen.com)

Prairie Meets Bali in the Hollywood Riviera (feature article published in South Bay Digs, a niche real estate magazine)

Marty McSorley: Life & Viking Heaven According to an NHL Star (interview with pro hockey player Marty McSorley, published in South Bay Digs)

Torrontes and Peruvian Comfort Food  (guest blog post for Hispanic Heritage Month roundup featuring Latina food bloggers)

Erasing the Past, Embracing the Future  (feature article published in a university alumni magazine)

Latina Internet Study (feature article written for UCLA Today)

St. Lucia: Life Lessons from the Locals  (winner, Honorable Mention in Feature Article Category, 75th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition)


Innovation and the Next Bull Market (advertising copy for a client of The Atlantic magazine, October 2012 issue)

The End of the 30-Minute Parking Space Hunt  (sponsored article for The Atlantic Cities, a section on The Atlantic Magazine’s website)

From Parking Spot to Public Space  (sponsored article for The Atlantic Cities)

Recalibrating the Classroom: Working and Learning in the 21st Century  (sponsored promotional content that appeared in the July 2011 issue of The Atlantic magazine)


Chancellor’s Graduation Message, UCLA (ghostwritten essay for past UCLA Chancellor)

En Español

CruzInforme (winner, American Red Cross Communication Excellence Awards in the Newsletter Category)

State Fair News Release (written directly in Spanish)

Web Content

Walden University (SEO copywriting for teacher preparation program with Master of Arts in teaching degree)

Book Reviews

Library Journal Magazine (Review of “Venganza en Sevilla” by Matilde Asensi)