Freelance Writing

As a former editor-in-chief, I understand the importance of deadlines and word count, not to mention engaging content that grabs the reader and pulls them through from start to finish. You can expect relevant, original story ideas tailored to match your editorial needs and audience demographics. Once a story is assigned, I conduct thorough research, intelligent interviews and fastidious fact-checking. The final product: A compelling, tight story that will enlighten and entertain your reader.

Social Media

Tweeting, blogging, social networking. Essential communication tools, but how do you stay on top of it all? I can help. I’ve written thought-provoking blog posts and tweets that spark conversation and generate ‘likes’ on topics including higher education, food and wine, health and travel. I will work with you to identify your social media goals, establish SEO keywords, and then blog and tweet away.


Selling a product, service or idea? You need writing that captivates, persuades and inspires action. Whether it’s long-form sponsored content for magazines or the Internet, a headline and body copy for a print advertisement, or online promotional pages, I will develop persuasive, compelling copy with a clear call to action that can inform and engage potential customers.

Corporate Writing

Whether it’s a feature article for a company magazine, a news release or bio, an annual report, blog post or brochure, I will study your existing materials, listen carefully to your needs and expectations, offer suggestions and get to work. I deliver clear, concise and results-driven content in a timely, professional manner.


You heard it here first–free online translation sites don’t work. I will translate your documents from English to standard Latin American Spanish in a way that’s culturally sensitive, grammatically correct and won’t leave your Spanish-speaking readers scratching their heads, or worse, boycotting your product or services.

Copyediting and Proofreading

Don’t waste precious time worrying about whether you should lie or lay, use an em-dash or a colon, or whose “Who’s Who” was left in your office. You have more important things to do, so allow me to meticulously comb through your materials in search of dangling participles, run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers.

Book Reviews

Need an intelligent book review for your newspaper or magazine? You’ve come to the right writer. As a regular book reviewer for Library Journal Magazine, I capitalize on my Bachelor’s in literature and foreign languages to evaluate books on just about any subject. I will thoroughly read a novel, cookbook, essay collection or short story anthology in English, Spanish or French and provide a concise and intelligent analysis geared to fit your publication’s style and tone.